Set up, launch and SELL from Thrivecart
by the end of the day, if ya want

...even if you're not techy, a total newbie to Thrivecart, or bought it ages ago and never set it up!

Evvvvverybody’s always talking about the AMAZING deal that is Thrivecart.
Is it all just a bunch of hype? NOPE.

But the trouble is…Thrivecart coulda been named Procrasti-Cart because you have SO. MANY. CHOICES when it comes to setup and customization…

And as soon as you buy it, you find yourself saying "Byeeeeee, I’mma take care of this later/jk, never."

You haven’t got all week to sort this out BUT you are BEYOND ready to finally take advantage of the best checkout software out there.

Thankfully you know somebody who specializes in Details

That's why I created CartStart, a course to help you start selling faster with Thrivecart
Get every question answered with a step-by-step tutorial:

How the heck do I actually create a checkout?

What about payment plans? What about coupons?

Then how do I add the buyers into my course?

Wait a second, I can build an entire course in Thrivecart for FREE?!

How do I link this to my email provider? Do I need Zapier?

What’s the fastest way to get support when I’m Thrivestuck?

With CartStart, you’re getting everything you need to

Get your Thrivecart setup DONE

Create your products, learn to use coupon codes, and design your shopping cart for each product so you’re always on brand!

Add on Order Bumps to increase the cart value with each checkout!

Create, design, and publish a course in Learn!

Auto-tag your buyers into your email account or auto-add them to a course in Learn (without using Zapier or other tech!)

ALL the answers are in CartStart for only $297

Real talk: You bought Thrivecart last year and still haven’t set it up.

OR you’re afraid you’ll buy it today, and then take FOREVERRRR to do anything with it.


No judgement, just the detailed tech support you need.
You’re gonna complete your Thrivecart setup quicker than you ever thought possible:

Simplify your cart design process: create it once so you can clone it later for every offer you launch!

Streamline your buyer experience: make it easy for people to pay you (and get their product or course delivered automatically!)

Set up your new course on Thrivecart Learn for free, and dump your pricey teaching platform if you want to 

CartStart can help you:
… drop the drama around the tech that ties your funnel together
... stop feeling lowkey embarrassed that your checkout or your course dashboard isn’t looking too hot
… become one of those people who is always like "OMG Thrivecart is so amazing." Come on, #JoinUs

Make Sales Faster with Thrivecart
Jump in for $297

What’s included:

5 video modules with 13 lessons that will walk you through setting up your Thrivecart account for success to creating your first course, and everything in between.

Find exactly what you’re looking for and learn exactly the way you want to with:

  Bite-size videos ranging from 2 to 20 minutes long MAX (average length is 6 minutes

 Each video has: 

   Optional subtitles

   A full transcript (searchable PDF)

  An audio-only version

  A bullet-points style text summary

  Speed controls on the video and the audio

Finally understand what Thrivecart is and how it works, as well as how to set it up properly and the must-have integrations

All the nitty-gritty of creating your first product and how to tackle all the options that comes with that, including:

naming, pricing, url, setting fixed quantities or unlimited, creating simple or complex payment plans and trials

enabling order bumps (hello, bonus cash!)

Setting your fulfillment settings AKA how to automatically enroll folks in your course or deliver your digital product, without Zaps in many cases!

Customizing checkouts to boost purchases, including setting that all-important favicon so your checkout page stands out in their sea of tabs, and designing a simple yet effective success page

Enabling all the data and techy tracking, like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, custom header code like you’d use for Pinterest ads, HyRos, HotJar, Deadline Funnels, and chat widgets

Using the already-included and excellent automations inside Thrivecart to automatically tag folks in your email service provider as customers, cart-bounces and more

Make good on your sale by delivering your product with Thrivecart, including using Learn, Thrivecart’s new, totally free and included, course platform.

Learn how to create, design and publish a course in Learn from start to finish, including course layouts, customizing your course dashboard, creating a beautiful, distraction-free course design, customizing your login pages, and connecting your new course to a checkout for instant enrollment

Navigate the murky waters of Zapier integrations with ease so you can enroll folks in courses housed elsewhere, or connect your FloDesk account

Lock down a drama-free launch by fully testing your cart and using coupons to boost sales

Copy my hacks for testing carts the clever way so you’re never surprised during a launch by tech snafus again

Find out exactly how coupons work in Thrivecart (it’s not how you think, but that’s a good thing!) and see how to set up coupons to create time-sensitive discounts and perks for your customers, or even to create a shop-wide sale

MODULE five:
Never stay Thrive-stuck for long when I show you the very best ways to get support

See the ultra-specific way you need to submit a support ticket to Thrivecart — good news though, their support is excellent, they just have a funny way of making you ask for it

Find out the best free community to get support from fellow Thrivecart users

Hear how to get one-on-one support from me - my eyes on your account - right away

I just love you Dama! I was setting up Thrivecart and just got so lost… Your CartStart course saved my bacon today! I love your templates and trainings so much.
Sidney Eve
I'm just gearing up to use Thrivecart in a few new ways and this couldn't have come at a better time!

You had me at "without a single Zap"
Soooo worth it, It's a no-brainer! With CartStart, I got everything switched over to TC within hours and had a successful beta run of my first course. 

Uggghhh, more tech, amirite?

I’m Dama, your fave funnel strategist. I get paid not just for my ability to see the big picture of your funnel, but for seeing the SIMPLICITY that’s possible in your buyer’s journey. 

Are you interested in creating the most efficient, conversion-focused funnel ever? Cool. 

Then stop reading this, click Buy, open up Thrivecart software and RUN. WITH. IT.

Ya’ll can thank me later.

Your Qs about CartStart:
  • I’ve been using Thrivecart for a minute. Will I learn anything new?
    I know this software inside and out. If you would benefit from learning my favorite tips and tricks for streamlining cart creation and everything else Thrivecart can do, get in here!

    Experienced users have told me they've learned shortcuts and smarter ways of doing things by seeing my process, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, Yea, you'll learn something new ;)
  • Do you cover how to set up the affiliate program?
    Since Affiliates are available only with the Thrivecart Pro upgrade, and the system is kinda (ok a lot) complex, I won't be covering it in this course.

    Instead, I’m creating a course *just for Affiliates program management in Thrivecart* some time in 2022. Of course, my students will be the first to know when it’s ready! And you KNOW I'll have your back with a super low intro price, too.
  • Should I use Thrivecart Learn to host my courses!?
    The million dollar question!

    I’m going to show you all the basics for using Learn: how to create a course and add your branding, and customize the sign-in page. I’ll also teach you a simple hack for keeping the look cohesive throughout the course, and how to connect your checkouts to auto-enroll a buyer in Learn.

    As for whether or not you should use it to host your courses, the answer to that will be unique to your business.

    Where to host your course is a hotly debated topic, but I'll just say, as someone who's built or edited courses (for myself and others) in LearnDash (Wordpress), Dropfunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Teachable and Membervault, this is my choice EVEN IF it weren't free. But when Thrivecart blessed my bank account with a *free* course platform? I went all in and LOVE it.

    Heads up: I do not cover advanced topics like student management or importing students from other platforms. See the next FAQ for more deets. ↓
  • I want advanced capabilities for my courses, like triggers and auto-unenrolling. Will you teach me how to do all that in CartStart?
    No, I won't. Those capabilities - automations, CSV student uploads, creating course bundles, auto-unenrolling folks after a set amount of time - all of that is only possible with the LearnPlus upgrade. Since not everyone has that, I won't be covering it.

    I also won't be covering the nitty-gritty of student management.

    I'm going to teach you how to:
    1) Create a course
    2) Style it like it's Fashion Week
    3) Add your content
    4) Customize your student dashboard and login pages
    5) Connect your new course to a checkout so you can auto-enroll students.

  • What does this cost in £/€/AUD/₱
    As of October 2022, USD $297 is about...
    265 GB Pounds
    305 Euro
    479 Australian dollar
    17,525 Philippine Peso
    412 Canadian dollar
    3252 Ghanaian cedi

    Note: this is just a quick reference guide meant to save you a minute but is almost certainly incorrect by now. I encourage you to check it out yourself - I like as a currency converter.

You don’t have to become a Thrivecart whiz in order to see that this soft- ware is going to make your life easier, and make it easier for you to get PAID.

Thrivecart can simplify your tech stack, save you money, and look cute doing it.
The rumors about Thrivecart are true:
It’s as good as they say it is
~and, let's be honest~
the customization options can def. be overwhelming.

With CartStart, you can set up to launch, sell, and deliver to your customers by the end of today — zero tech-sweats, automation-panics, or why-the-heck-isn't-this-working-drama.

xo,  dama

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  • 60 minute training with strategy, step-by-step training on what to offer, how to price it, how to sell it, and how to deliver it, with examples.
  • Tech tutorials on how to set up your email marketing software, checkout page on Thrivecart, and enable timers
  • BONUSES:  tripwire sales page template  + Canva mockups

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