Digital Product Funnel Template for Thrivecart

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Perfect for Canva templates, landing or webpage templates, Clickup or Airtable bases, spreadsheets, Notion templates, or any other digital product

Go from idea to Stripe notifications in 4 steps...

Skip the "I'm soo not a designer" panic and move right along to selling faster, easier and with higher conversions with this full-funnel template, exclusively for Thrivecart

    Easy drag and drop - just delete what you don’t need.

    All you need is Thrivecart - it’s your sales page and your checkout in one.

    Make it your own with the included Canva brand board + elements.
    All stock photos in the design

    Full-page preview

    Import + editing tutorial (using Thrivecart's drag-and-drop editor - NO CODING NEEDED!)

    Extra features like testimonials, images, videos, bulleted and icon lists, and countdown timers

    Checkout widget

    Coordinating and customizable funnel pages:
    - upsell page template
    - downsell page template
    - success page
    1. Choose your template + import
    2. Update the copy on the page + remove sections you don't need
    3. Add your product mockup images (Canva templates provided)
    4. Hit save, grab your link and start making sales


Perfect for Canva templates, landing or webpage templates, Clickup or Airtable bases, spreadsheets, Notion templates, or any other digital product


With every template, you get

Editable Canva Brand Board

Use this customizable Canva brand board to pull in your brand colors, organize which stock photos you want to use, and even access all the recolorable Canva assets used in this design, like icons or patterns.

Coordinating Upsell Template

One of the most amazing features of Thrivecart is the ability to create upsells to increase your earnings from every sale by offering your brand new customer an upsell, a screaming hot deal they can buy with one click, right at the time of purchase.

Coordinating Downsell Template

Enabling funnels in Thrivecart lets you increase your earnings from every sale by offering your customer a downsell, if they decline the upsell. This coordinating and straight-forward template makes it even easier to add a downsell to your funnels.

Plus these amazing bonuses

Detailed Tech Tutorials

Thrivecart is an incredibly robust and customizable software and that can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. With this template bundle, you'll also get tech tutorials that will teach you how to import the template, set your prices, design your pages, mobile optimize, use countdown timers, embed forms, and set your favicon.

Canva Digital Mockup Templates

Digital products can be hard for your customer to visualize and therefore can hinder them from moving forward with a purchase. Use the 12 provided Canva templates to create beautiful product mockups. Bonus: Video training with my best tips on how to create a picture of a digital product that doesn't yet exist.

Typography and Font Guide

Fonts are a big part of making your checkout pages branded and cohesive, but navigating the 150+ fonts available in Thrivecart can be a pain as all you can do is scroll in a teeny-tiny window, until now. This typography guide will show you all 150 fonts and also let you know which are available in Canva.

Brilliant Features of Our Templates You'll Love

Easy drag and drop, no-code design, just delete what you don’t need.

A sales page and checkout in one - all you need is Thrivecart

Make the design your own with the included Canva elements.

All our pages come mobile optimized and ready for traffic.

Pssst... in case you're wondering how premium, modern and beautiful sales pages built in Thrivecart can be, take a look around — this sales page was built + is hosted in Thrivecart

See the full page in action

Tap HERE to view a full-page demo

what folks are saying about our templates

"I just used two of your templates yesterday and  I am in loooooove.  Also the typography sheet you include is -no joke- so ****ing valuable. I swear, I reference it ALL THE TIME"

Astrologist and writer

"I loved using your template to create exactly what I wanted in Thrivecart - so helpful! I just paid for my Thrivecart membership with my new digital product + course within 3 weeks of joining!

Katie Geunther
Email marketing expert

"Your templates have saved me hundreds of hours in design time. I can’t remember what building checkout pages was like before them!!! So, so good and highly recommended!!!"

Pam Carpenter
Marketing Strategist


Oh hey, I'm Dama

As an experienced funnel strategist with plenty of client launches as well as my own launches under my belt, I know good tech.

Rather than create overworked, overcomplicated funnels, I’m a big fan of simple, wildly profitable, conversion-focused funnels and I want to help you craft yours with Thrivecart.

Not much of a designer? Cool - we'll handle that for you. Grab a template + go on with your massively creative self.


you might be wondering...

aka frequently asked questions

  • What's included with this template?
    An easy-to-import full funnel template for Thrivecart. It can be used for any kind of digital product - courses, tiny offers, coaching, group programs, retreats, templates, summits, bundles, spreadsheets, whatever floats your audience's boat.

    In addition to the templates, you will have access to tech tutorials for using confusing things like countdown timers (fixed-vs-evergreen arghhh), creating products, and mobile optimization, as well as Canva product mockup templates and a snazzy typography guide.
  • Does this template use the Legacy or the New page builder?
    We use the Legacy builder for all our templates as some folks are still experiencing glitches and issues with the new page builder. The Legacy is still easily accessible and is working well, so we recommend and use that.

    NOTE: these templates cannot be used in conjunction with upsells built with the New page builder; your checkout and upsell pages need to be built with the Legacy builder. Still have questions? Email hello @ damajue .com.
  • Does this only work for Thrivecart?
    Yes, this template was designed in and for Thrivecart, exclusively. It won't work at all for Wordpress, Leadpages, or any other page builder.

    Don't have Thrivecart yet? Head to this link to learn why we LOVE Thrivecart and how to get an epic 10-template bonus when you use our link:

  • Do I need a designer or can I *actually* DIY this?

    You can absolutely DIY this! These pages are totally designed and ready to go. Swap out the button colors and fonts if you want, or not. Even if you had a designer create your sales page or website, you can easily update these checkout templates to match.
  • Are these templates hard to use?
    NOPE. If you're ok with using a page builder, these are totally easy peasy.

    If you've never done that, follow my tutorials (like, watch them twice k), and you'll be just fine.

    One thing to bear in mind: the Thrivecart page builder is a little tricky to DESIGN in, but you don't have to do that because I already took care of that for you with these templates.
  • Are the upsell, downsell, and success (post-purchase) page templates included too?
    Yes, all are ready for you to import and use coordinating colors + style!

    Heads up though:
    While we'll show you *how* to import Upsell and Downsell templates, we will not be teaching you the tech ins-and-outs or strategy behind leveraging funnels in Thrivecart or working with upsells/downsells. If you're not too familiar, definitely check out our course, Unleashing Upsells for all the details.


Digital Product Sales Funnel Template for Thrivecart


  Sales page (min. 12 sections)

  Success page

  Upsell page

  Downsell page


  Tech tutorials for Thrivecart

  Editable Canva Brand Board + Digital Product Mockups

  All Stock Photos on Page

  Thrivecart Typography + Fonts List


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