You've got Thrivecart and are ready to create your first course there, but how on earth can you make it look GOOD?!
See how easy it is to create a beautiful home for your courses & digital products with Thrivecart Learn that your students will LOVE!

Thrivecart Learn is a course platform that comes FREE with your Thrivecart account, but the basic course layout + design is a MAJOR YAWN

Join this workshop to see how to create beautifully, easy-to-navigate courses inside Learn!

This training will show you exactly how to create a Thrivecart Learn dashboard and beautifully branded courses that your students will love!

Help your students actually finish your course, create brand awareness, and wow them with a great first impression right from logging in.

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Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:
Layout Ideas for Your Course Dashboard

Thrivecart Learn is super customizable, so I'll show you how to add key links, how to rearrange your courses, and how to determine which are visible

Must-Haves for Every Lesson Page

There are a few things that I think all lesson pages must have when hosting your courses in Thrivecart. I'll show you how to add them quickly + easily

Ways to Use Learn+ Advanced Features

Learn how (and why) you might want to use Learn+ features like tagging, sequences, and behaviors. Expect lots of interesting ideas + inspo.

Injecting Code Into Your Lessons

Wanna truly make your courses stand out? There are a lot of ways you can use code (without being techy) to do it!

But that's not all!

I’ve got some extra resources to make your course glow-up even easier to get done:

 Canva templates to jazz up your courses + keep things on brand + beautiful

 Bonus tech tutorial on how to automate enrolling students into your Learn course who purchased elsewhere, like via Shopify

A fillable workbook with ideas for must-have links + features you can add to your courses

3 mini-interviews with expert Instructional Designers with their best tips for course layout + design to help your students get the most out of your courses

Learn Beautifully is designed to help you improve your client experience when hosting courses & digital products on Thrivecart Learn!

Easy to follow training on how to set up your courses and digital products in Thrivecart Learn, and things to think about when choosing different layouts

Tips on the big must-haves for every course lesson page

Simple ideas for using Learn+ more advanced tagging, sequences, and behavior features

Spicing up your courses by using injectable code snippets

Canva templates to jazz up your courses + keep things on brand and beautiful

BONUS: TECH TUTORIAL: how to automate enrolling students into your Learn course who purchased elsewhere, like via Shopify

BONUS: 3 mini-interviews with expert Instructional Designers with their best tips for course layout + design

BONUS: A fillable workbook with ideas for must-have links + features you can add to your courses

Replay with subtitles and timestamps so you can refer to what you need when you need it

Learn Beautifully is perfect for you if any of the following apply:

You're using Thrivecart Learn to host your courses and digital products but really wish you could figure out to make it more attractive, easy-to-navigate, and on-brand

You care about your students and want them to actually use and finish what they've purchase from you and that means improving the student experience

You struggle with tech sometimes and want something that is simple, easy to follow, and quick to set up. And even better: something that, once you design your ideal course layout, you can duplicate and use again and again

HEADS UP: this training is specific to Thrivecart Learn, so if you're not using or planning on switching to this platform, this isn't the training for you
if your course looks shabby or is hard to navigate, it WILL impact your future sales
 Student experience  goes a long way to having repeat customers, raving testimonials, and most importantly, your students getting the results they paid for when they bought your course!
About your Thrivecart BFF
Hiiii, I’m Dama!

I'm a little bit obsessed with Thrivecart and the fabulous tool that it is.

But here's the thing: hosting your course in Thrivecart Learn can sometimes look & feel a little generic.... and I know your brand deserves to stand out!

I've created many Thrivecart resources, templates, and trainings over the years but this is one of my most-requested ones ever!

Got Questions?
Here's some answers for ya!
  • Does this come with templates?
    Yes, editable Canva templates that I personally use too to make my course area attractive, on-brand, and easy to navigate. However, there is no way to share a template for an entire course via Thrivecart, so you *are not* getting a whole-course, one-click-import template for Thrivecart. I would if I could :)

    I'll show you how to design your course dashboard AND your course lesson, and provide you with Canva templates to enhance those areas.

    And once you get your course / lesson layout the way you like it, you can clone that course again and again to use as a template for future courses!
  • Will you be showing how to use Learn+ features?
    YES! I'll teach on:

    TAGGING — this feature is excellent for only showing lessons or modules to specific students, so I'll show you how to set it up, explain how I use it, what circumstances I recommend it for, and how you can use it too if you offer free/paid trials

    SEQUENCES — this is basically automations (like Zapier) that happen inside your courses. I'll show you several use cases, the ones I use and love, and give you plenty of ideas you can put into practice in your own courses
  • Can you show us how to make our course listing page pretty too?
    Yes, definitely! That's what I mean when I say designing your "course dashboard" — its the first page students see when they log in to any of your courses. I;ll show you how to add buttons, columns, links, a photo, whatever! And also how to change the order that your courses appear in the dasshboard too
  • I have another question, how can I reach you?
    Send me an email at hello @ damajue . com with any questions!
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