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Ready to transform your simple checkouts into high-converting sales funnels, so you can 10X your one-time Thrivecart investment with the help of all of Thrivecart's hidden features?


You thought Thrivecart was just a checkout software…

 but wait til you see everything it can do for your business

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Get moved to thrivecart
Before black friday
Get moved to thrivecart
before black friday
Streamline Your Course Business
for your best  Black Friday ever

Join Move to Thrivecart, Master the Tech, and Maximize Your Sales!

How dope would it be if you could finally ditch all your other expensive software and start using Thrivecart for…

Order Bumps Upsells Affiliates Courses & Memberships
aka pretty much everything other than email marketing

With this 10-week group program, you can:

Elevate your Thrivecart experience to expert-status and start leveraging my lazy marketer/entrepreneur ways to do all the things that make you money the simple way.

Cut your time-to-launch down by ½ and build your funnels faster when you stop reinventing the wheel and start using templates and major time-saving shortcuts in Thrivecart like a pro (because, again, all about that lazy money-making life).

Ditch those hefty, annoying, and costly pagebuilder subscriptions (I’m looking at you, LeadPages or Clickfunnels) and create sleek, functional, conversion-optimized checkouts and upsell pages right inside Thrivecart that don’t just function like they’re supposed to, but are also so thoughtful and brilliant they convert beautifully, too.

Cancel your Zapier subscription and streamline course access for your students when I show you how to take advantage of the built-in course builder and automations. Banish “I didn’t get my login” emails and tiresome customer service issues forever!

Learn how to strategically add order bumps and upsells to your checkouts so you can make more from every sale and serve your customers with right-fit, right-time offers when they’re most motivated to take action

Bring in new warmed-up leads and sales with an affiliate program on a Thrivecart, a platform that makes it not only easy for your affiliates to promote your products, but easy (read: completely hands-off!) for you to pay them

And all of that in only  10 weeks so you're ready to have an epic Black Friday?!

That's right!

Yep, Thrivecart has the potential to do ALL OF THAT.

And if all this has your tech overwhelm creeping up, I’m here with all the savvy shortcuts, tips, know-how and experience to bring that tech overwhelm down to a very chill zero overwhelm

When most people sign up for Thrivecart, they know they’re buying

“the best way to take payments”

but they don’t realize all the hidden features Thrivecart also has to maximize those payments with hands-off, optimized funnels

I’m on a mission to make sure ALL my clients and students know that Thrivecart makes it possible for you to:



Say goodbye to Zapier headaches as you add clients to your courses automatically

Stop paying Teachable or Podia since your one-time Thrivecart purchase includes a course platform!

Cancel your LeadPages subscription and create elegant checkout pages (or even sales pages) right inside Thrivecart!



Add upsells & downsells so that you can give your clients more of what they want and make more money on every sale

Then invite your besties & clients to join your built-in affiliate program, so they can happily send piping hot leads into your funnel, and then your Thrivecart account will pay your affiliates without you having to do any calculations or lift a finger!

you're invited to join me in

Move to Thrivecart is a high-touch, biz-changing 10-week group program designed to help you seamlessly migrate to Thrivecart, streamline your processes, add revenue-boosting elements to your products, and launch with confidence before the busiest week of the year. 

 With a step-by-step action plan, access to 3 of my top courses, weekly live coaching calls, and LOTS more hands-on elements, you'll have everything you need to Move to Thrivecart with ease so you can have your best Black Friday ever!

Get ready for...
Here's exactly what you get:
10-Week Step-by-Step Action Plan

comprehensive 10-week action plan, guiding you through each stage of the migration process, with links to all the resources mentioned

Migration Project Management Base

This Airtable hub will help you track, manage and know exactly where you're at with your migration, whether you're working alone or with a team

10 Live Q&A Sessions with Me

Join the 10 live Q&A sessions, where you can get your pressing tech questions answered, brainstorm solutions and workarounds, and hear what's working for your peers

Weekly 1:1 Support:
Tech Lifelines

Stuck on getting a particular integration or feature working?Need a fresh pair of eyes on something? Send me a Loom and I'll send you one back with a fix or a workaround (1/week)


Bring Your Team Member with You

Get free access for your VA or OBM too, so they'll know exactly how to prep, execute, and manage migrating your checkouts, courses and affiliate program to Thrivecart

-Limited to 1 team member-

Private Pop Up Community

Join your peers inside the community in Slack to talk solutions, share wins, network, and check in about your progress

LIVE WORKSHOP: Migrating affiliates + students

Learn the smartest way to migrate your students to Learn and to bring your affiliates over to Thrivecart

BONUS: email templates to send your affiliates and students to let them know you're moving

LIVE WORKSHOP: Designing a Course Dashboard for Success

See how to design an easy to use, attractive course dashboard your students will love to learn in

BONUS: Canva templates to jazz up your courses + keep things on brand + beautiful

but that's not all, love!
In order to make your migration to Thrivecart as smooth and easy as possible, we'll also equip you with:
CartStart Course:

Set up your Thrivecart to crush it

If you’ve been using your Thrivecart as “just the place where they enter their credit card details,” then you’re about to supercharge it. In these over-the-shoulder walkthroughs , you’ll breathe a sigh of relief and set your overwhelm aside as you get step-by-step instructions for how I set up a brand new Thrivecart account, create a product & a checkout, and set up a brand new course on Learn the right way. We also cover order bumps + coupons, aka secret tools for making more sales.

Regular price: $297

Unleashing Upsells Course

Make MORE from every sale

Understand the strategy behind *what* to offer on an upsell page and how to price it so that you can offer your customers *more* of what they need, right when they need it. You’ll have design inspo + step-by-step tech tutorials to walk you through setting up your upsells.

Regular price: $497

Pay Your Pals: Create your Affiliate Program in Thrivecart

Now it’s really GO time

Your biz besties (and happy customers) are ready and waiting to promote your work to their audiences. You can use Thrivecart to easily invite affiliates to sign up as referral partners, then swiftly pay them without lifting a finger with PayPal. You have a LOT of customization options when it comes to setting up your affiliate program, but you don’t have to go it alone! By the end of this workshop, you’ll have your affiliate program completely mapped out and ready to set up in a single afternoon so you can invite referral partners right away!

Regular price: $197

Your choice of Thrivecart template

So you can SKIP the design struggle

Choose between a set of our 3 most popular checkout templates or one of our full-funnel (sales page + upsell + downsell) templates. Both come with Canva product mockup templates, tech tutorials, a fonts guide, and helpful placeholder copy.

Regular price: $197

“But Dama. When I open my Thrivecart account, it just seems so complicated…”

I get it.

But seriously, “Let’s do this the easy way” is my middle name.

I set up tech automations to make my life easier, instead of doing everything the longer, harder, and pricier way…

and I’m a little obsessed with figuring out how to help biz owners like you hit your dreamy revenue goals without having to work 24/7.

When you take the time to supercharge your Thrivecart account now, it will make your process for *making money* so much simpler, which means more money in your bank account while you do less. Dreamy, right?

If you hit the brakes on using your Thrivecart account to the fullest, then you’re still grappling with:

complicated funnels using multiple software subscriptions, Zaps, and a hefty payment to Teachable, etc.,

and when a new customer messages you and says “I didn’t receive my login info” you get to go on another wild goose chase to try and figure out which piece of your funnel is broken…

When I’m choosing between this life ^^ and Thrivecart...
my answer is “a thousand times Thrivecart.”

And I want it to be easier (and cheaper) for you too.

I just love you Dama! I was setting up Thrivecart and just got so lost… Your course saved my bacon today! I love your templates and trainings so much.
Sidney Eve
I'm just gearing up to use Thrivecart in a few new ways and this couldn't have come at a better time!

You had me at "without a single Zap"
Soooo worth it, It's a no-brainer! With CartStart, I got everything switched over to TC within hours and had a successful beta run of my first course. 

Move to Thrivecart was born out of a desire to make the transition to Thrivecart as smooth as possible for course creators.

But more than just the technical side of things, Move to Thrivecart is about providing support and guidance. I know that switching to a new platform can be overwhelming, and having access to an expert who understands the ins and outs of Thrivecart can make all the difference. 

I want course creators to feel excited and empowered as they make the move, knowing that they have someone by their side every step of the way.

You paid for Thrivecart Pro, But you’re not using it like a pro…


It’s time to get you set up and making bank before Black Friday rolls around.

Promote your digital products with LOADS more confidence as you:

Simplify your funnel and save on subscription fees

Quickly create new products and checkouts

Do more of what you love to do, knowing that Thrivecart will automatically add your new customers to your courses, and your “integration headaches” are a thing of the past!  

Offer your customers *more* of what they want, right when they want it (using strategic order bumps, upsells, and downsells)  

…And that super organized affiliate program you’ve been meaning to set up? #CrushedIt

 Join move to thrivecart 

With Move to ThriveCart  you get 10-weeks of support, guidance, live calls, access to 3 comprehensive courses, Thrivecart templates, a project mgmt. base, 2 live workshops, and a step-by-step action plan!

  • I'm already using Thrivecart for my checkouts, is this for me?
    If you're hosting your courses elsewhere, don't yet have order bumps and upsells on all your products, or don't yet have an affiliate program, then yup! This is for you. This program is going to help you get your Thrivecart set up A-Z, not just your checkouts.
  • I’m new to Thrivecart. Is this for me?
    This program was designed for folks who already have existing products + courses to move over. The goal is to help folks migrate or switch to Thrivecart, get everything set up and streamlined so you are ready to go (with affiliates) just in time for Black Friday. But if you're ready to *finally* set up your Thrivecart to the fullest of its potential, then of course you're welcome to join too! Just know that in this program, I will not be providing support on 1) what kinds of offers to create 2) how to structure, price, or market your new offer / idea 3) how to grow your list or get started with digital products
  • I already have a course builder and I don’t want to use Thrivecart Learn.
    I love Learn, but to each their own! Use the program to learn all the ways you can optimize your cart and make your own life easier. You’ll strategically increase your average order value, and mobilize your affiliate army who will send tons of new leads to your products!
  • I seriously hate tech…
    If you don’t have a tech VA who can help you with this, the program is going to be the next best thing. I am in Thrivecart every day – I’m the expert on it so that you don’t have to be. I teach in bite-sized tutorials for an over-the-shoulder view of every step of setup. Just look over my shoulder and copy what I’m doing!
  • How long will it take me to set up a funnel with these courses?
    Everyone works at their own speed, but you can create a new product with a checkout in Thrivecart in as little 15 minutes, create a basic course in an hour or less (excluding however long it takes you to record your content), add an upsell to your checkout in about an hour (or as little as 5 minutes if you already have the upsell created and just want to add it to your other products), and set up your affiliate program in an afternoon. Other folks might want to work on this at a more leisurely pace and take a month or so to do it all.
  • When are the live calls?
    The live calls will typically be on Thursdays at 11 am EST/New York (that's 8am Pacific, 4pm British). You will be able to pre-submit questions and watch the replays if you can't attend live. Replays are subtitled + timestamped and as a courtesy, I also send the question list 15-30 mins before the call so you can see which order your question will be answered in.

    The first call kicks off on Thursday, September 21st at 1 pm EST.

    Due to the national holiday, we will not have our final call on Thurs. November 23rd (Thanksgiving). Our final call will be Tuesday, November 21, 2023
  • Is there anything you're NOT covering in this program?
    This program is all about the tech, along with a healthy dose of accountability, guidance and LOTS of support as you get the work done.

    It is not about how to 'get started with digital products,' or really, to create your first funnel or digital product from scratch.

    So, in this program, I will not be providing support on
    1) what kinds of offers to create
    2) how to structure, price, or market your new offer / idea
    3) how to grow your list or get started with digital products

    If you'd like that sort of support, you can book a 1:1 strategy session with me for $397.

    One more thing - while I use + love ConvertBox, and likely will mention it in calls and such since I use it so closely with Thrivecart, I won't be teaching how to use/set up ConvertBox. When you get that software with my affiliate link, you unlock my ConvertBox Jumpstart course for free.
  • Can I use credit? I have one of the courses, can I have a discount?
    If you have credit with me, sure, you can use it! Just note: it can only be applied to the first payment of a payment plan.

    Because the main value of this program is the group and 1:1 coaching, along with all the migration-specific resources, I am not offering a credit if you own one of the courses. However if you have already *purchased all 3* of the included courses (CartStart, Unleashing Upsells, and Pay Your Pals), then you can contact me for a special discount. Note: having received free access to Pay Your Pals does not count as 'purchased.'

Thrivecart can do so much more than just take payments, when you learn to:

Cut your time-to-launch down by ½ with time-saving shortcuts and templates

Ditch those hefty, annoying, and costly pagebuilder subscriptions (byeeee, LeadPages)

Cancel Zapier and use Thrivecart automations to grant access to your products that you host right inside Thrivecart (byeeeee, Teachable!) while cutting customer service issues in half (or better!)

Make more from every sale by strategically adding order bumps and upsells to your checkouts

Bring in new warmed-up leads and amplify sales with a powerhouse affiliate program

Dama's templates and training - and her willingness to support my silly questions - are gold!! She has helped to make Thrivecart so incredibly easy to use that I actually want to put pages up now, and that's a massive improvement from the tech-scared me that started out. I absolutely love them.

Thank you for putting them together Dama - my business and I send massive thanks to you regularly
Gina Holmes

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A snapshot of everything that's included:

10-week step by step action plan so you can get set up & done by Black Friday

10 live Q&A sessions to get all of your burning questions answered

Free Thrivecart template of your choice (1 full funnel template or 3 checkouts)

2 live workshops: how to migrate students & affiliates, and how to design your course layout

10-week access to a private student community for support

10-weeks access to 1:1 support via Tech Lifelines (loom support)

Lifetime access to CartStart, Unleashing Upsells, and Pay Your Pals courses

Ability to also add 1 team member or VA to the program

Project management base (Airtable) to track your progress + stay organized

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