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Learn how to create revenue-and-engagement-boosting workbooks from scratch in Google Docs in about an hour

One of the hardest parts of being a course creator:

getting your students to actually implement what they're learning!

 YAY! You made a sale of your course! 

That's awesome, but you might be surprised to find: 
1) your students are still struggling to implement  or
2) they never even started your course 
forget about asking them for testimonials...

They can't rave about you or your course until they actually take the course and take action on what you're teaching

The easiest way to help your students to crack into the course content and actually take action?


 Add a highly actionable course workbook!

Most folks are video-ed OUT and just want to dive in, find exactly what they need help with and GO, without having to watch lots of course videos

On-Brand Fillable Workbooks will show you exactly how to condense your course's brilliance into a highly actionable (read: easy to skim + designed for quick wins) course workbook

I'll show you how to design yourself a fillable workbook in Google Docs in under an hour AND how to position it as a must-have, high-value bonus!

What is On-Brand Fillable Workbooks?

This short yet punchy training (note: this is not a template) will reveal all my secrets for creating beautiful, actionable course workbooks and lead magnets using Google Docs. A workbook following this method makes a PERFECT course bonus!

And the best part is, these workbooks usually only take an hour 
or less to create and won't ever get lost in your student's hard drive like PDFs always do!

What you'll learn:

Why I use Google Docs for my course workbooks and lead magnets instead of PDFs (and why my students RAVE about them)

How to take your course content or lead magnet and turn it into a workbook so it's actionable and inspiring

How to design it yourself quickly in Google Docs and make it totally on-brand and valuable without hiring a designer or a tech VA

The smart, easy way to share your new workbook so your students can always access it (without annoying "request access" notifications)

How to convey the incredible value of your new workbook with rich, high-quality yet free mockups 

Here are some On-Brand Fillable Workbooks I've created:
Can I tell you a secret?

These workbooks have translated to thousands of dollars in direct and tripwire sales

These are screenshots from my Thrivecart account of sales of 4 Google fillable workbook / worksheet products

once you watch this training, you'll never look at Google Docs the same again!

No more bland or ugly Google Docs for you — nothing but beautiful, actionable, totally on-brand Docs in your future

What's included with On-Brand Fillable Workbooks for only $9:

Easy to follow video training on how to structure your content to make it irresistibly actionable and beautiful

Simple time saving hacks to make a plain old Google Doc look expensive and like it was made by a designer

Canva templates for your workbook header graphic and quick + easy mockups

Tips on how to share your new workbook so you won't get the dreaded "So-and-so has requested access to your document" notifications

Your questions, answered


  • Is a Google Doc template included?
    No. I'm going to show you how to create your own from scratch.

    I'll walk you through how to translate your content into an actionable, fillable Google Doc workbook you share with your audience or students a plain old regular Google Doc.

    Because everyone's content is different, and for it to be *truly effective* it needs to be designed just for your offer. Don't worry, it'll only take an hour or less. Further, if I'd included a template for you, you'd need to purchase a separate commercial use license to resell or redistribute it, and that would be expensive for you.
  • Is this a course, a template, or a training?
    A training.

    This is a 55 minute training that will cover strategy, over-the-shoulder technical tutorials, how to share your new workbook with your students or audience, and how to create expensive looking 3-D mockups of your workbook.

    A starter Google Doc template is *NOT* included.
  • Why isn't a starter Google Doc template included?
    Because everyone's content is different, and for it to be *truly effective* it needs to be designed just for your offer. Don't worry, it'll only take an hour or less. Further, if I'd included a template for you, you'd need to purchase a separate commercial use license to resell or redistribute it, and that would be expensive for you.
  • Is this training accessible?
    Yes, the training is available with subtitles and speed controls. In the coming days, we'll also add timestamps so you can skip to whatever part of the video you'd like.


Help your students take ACTION with an easy to create, on-brand fillable workbook

that you'll make right in Google Docs in under an hour and your students (or new email subscribers) will LOVE!


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NOTE: This offer will show you how to design beautiful Google Doc workbooks, from scratch, in under an hour. It does not include a pre-designed workbook template.

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What folks are saying about this training:

Stop it Dama, you're turning me into a fan girl. I loved this training. When I saw your fillable workbook in the Pay Your Pals training I thought 'I need to know how to do that...' then today I saw this training and bought it without reading the sales page. 

I saw this this morning, bought it, watched it and I’m almost finished completing my new workbook. 

It’s amazing!

Nicky Merrick

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