Ready to lock down your course tech stack and swipe my streamlined, proven course creation process?
Learn how I prep for, record, and edit my courses — from start to finish!


If you have too many course ideas in your head (or maybe sitting in Google Docs) but the whole recording process is holding you back...

Take it from someone with over 7,500 students and 20 courses under her belt: This training is for you!


One thing that a lot of courses about courses forget to cover is the actual course creation process... aka HOW to actually RECORD + DELIVER your course

I get these kinds of questions weekly:

What's your tech stack? aka
→ what's your fave course platform?
→ how do you record + edit your course vides?
→ where do you host your videos once they're ready?

I've spent 4 hours on a slide deck and I'm not even done, how do you create new things so quickly?! 

How do you do your subtitles, timestamps, etc?

For most folks, the tech and actual course-creation-how-to is the #1 thing that holds us back from getting our courses created and ready for sale


Swipe my course creation workflow with

 This training will show you exactly how I create courses, from idea and prep all the way to finished, high-quality course content!

Join now + snag the bonus tutorials + course templates for $197

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:
Plan Like a Course Creation Pro

You'll learn exactly what I do to get ready to record course lessons, including my approach to using slide decks vs notion notes

Record & Edit With Confidence

Not a fan of tech? No problem! I'll show you my process of recording course lessons, editing them, and adding subtitles

Brand & Set Up Your Course

Visuals matter! I'll show you how to create a course logo, mockup, pick your colors, AND how to apply those colors in the course


But that’s not all…
How about some time-saving templates + bonuses?

I’m not only giving you my step-by-step strategy and process of creating a course, I'm also giving you all of the extra resources you could need to make this even easier to get done:

Canva brand board templates + matching promo graphics so everything is easily customizable to create a seamless brand

Easy to use swipe copy templates for your course lessons, including: a welcome lesson and general lesson template so you don't forget anything important

Bonus tutorials and trainings: how I decide what to teach next, how to use Screenpal (my fave video editor), and how to create a quick slide deck in Canva or design Notion notes to teach from instead

 A fun simple easter egg strategy to make more revenue in your 'next steps' course lesson

Ready, Set: Course is designed to give you everything you need to start recording your next course, without any of the tech drama!

Easy to follow strategy training on my exact time-saving processes for creating courses (including prepping my course content like slide decks, recording, editing, and embedding)

Tech Talk-Through: hear me discuss the most popular options out there for recording, editing, and hosting course videos + preparing subtitles. Stuff like: 
→ Loom vs Vimeo vs KomodoDecks vs Screenpal
→ vs CastMagic
→ Google Drive vs Dropbox (for PDFs, etc)

Bonus tech tutorials & trainings on things like: how I decide what to teach next, how to use Screenpal (my fave video editor)

Tips on how to streamline your course creation process. Spoiler alert: its templates, and LOTS are included with this training

How Ready, Set: Course is delivered: (format)

Live training where you can ask questions + get answers in real time from me. AI-generated closed captioning will be available

Replay with subtitles and timestamps so you can refer to what you need when you need it

Private podcast feed so you can listen to the audio-only version of this training on the go

Grab your seat to Ready, Set: COURSE now and get all the tech strategy, how-to, and guidance you need to start recording your next course ASAP 

Ready, Set: COURSE is perfect for you if:

You're a course creator who is frustrated with the actual creation process and recording lessons, and are wondering if there's a simpler way to do it

It takes you foreverrrrr to prep, record and edit videos

You have soooo many course ideas and you want a more simplified way of getting them done & delivered to your paying students

You struggle with tech sometimes and want something that is simple, easy to follow, and quick to set up with clear, proven tech recommendations that aren't one-size-fits-all



You might be wondering…


  • I can't make it live, will there be a replay?
    Yes, the replay will be subtitled, time-stamped, and uploaded to our course platform within 24 hours of the live training, often sooner. You'll also get the bonus templates that that time too.
  • I don't use Thrivecart, will this training still help me?
    Yes, definitely. I am not focusing much on the Thrivecart Learn aspect (see my training "Learn Beautifully" for that!)
    I'm covering:
    → how to take your ideas and map them out into modules and lessons
    → how to prep your teaching materials (slide decks + Notion notes)
    → how to actually record yourself teaching
    → how to edit, upload, and embed that into your course platform of choice
    → how I handle the extras I include with every course: subtitles, timestamps, etc

    I'll be sharing my own personal tech stack (with how-to videos for my faves) as well as alternatives for: recording, editing, hosting, and transcripts
  • Is this just for newbies?
    Nope! I noticed the folks who ask me, week in, week out, what my course tech stack is are NOT newbies, they're folks who've already got their first course under their belt but it was BRUTAL to set up and they're scratching their heads wondering if there's a better way.

    I promise that with over 7,400 students and over 20 courses/workshops created + sold over the last 5 years, even *experienced creators* are going to learn a valuable gem from this training.

    And if you are brand new? Even better. Hear me talk through the tech choices available and move forward with confidence!
  • I've already created a course or workshop, should I skip this training?
    If you're 100% confident in your tech setup, then yep! Skip it! If you aren't in love with your video host or method, or if feel like you could be doing this easier, faster, smoother, then join and see the system that lets me create a new workshop or course every single month on SUPER part time hours.
  • Are you covering pricing or offer creation in this workshop?
    No, sorry. Pricing is super nuanced and complicated, and your gut knows better what your offer should be priced at than I do on first glance.

    If you're also not sure what you want to teach, how, and for whom, heads up: I won't be teaching that here either.

    This workshop is strictly on the tech side of creating a course, from slide deck to recording to editing and uploading.
  • I have another question…
    Just send an email to hello @ and I’ll be happy to help!
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Now that you'll have your tech + HOW to record sorted, let me help you design your course dashboard and lessons in Thrivecart Learn in a strategic, profitable way!

PLUS: see how to use advanced Learn+ features like tagging and sequences. Includes Canva templates, bonus tech tutorials, and a subtitled replay.

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