Unlock the Secrets of Flawless Zoom Recordings
Replay Ready Recordings
for your webinar, Q&A, and workshops

Don't settle for mediocre (or gasp, botched! ) recordings that let your amazing content down or force you to waste precious time re-recording

With Replay Ready Recordings, you'll be fully equipped to deliver your live webinar, workshop, or Q&A confidently knowing the replay will be flawless


Have you ever had all chaos break loose during your live webinar or workshop?

Eeek - me too

 Completely forgetting about the folks in the waiting room

Having folks accidentally unmute + start talking over me

Totally not knowing how to enable closed captioning... and a person on live who NEEDED that accessibility

Been there, stressed that!

Here's what you might not know, though:

getting your live calls replay ready starts at the moment you schedule it

Listen... you don't need fancy webinar software, Zoom is totally enough and you can definitely create quality recordings of your live sessions just with Zoom, with the right setup

picture this, friend...

your webinars, Q&A sessions, or workshops using Zoom were flawlessly recorded, with minimal stress and no cringey moments to have to relive on the replay.

No more technical glitches or low-quality recordings that leave your viewers frustrated and you frazzled. With better quality recordings, you can make the most of your live webinars, workshops and Q&As and build a positive reputation as a professional coach or course creator.


Wouldn't it feel amazing to know you nailed the recording, and avoided the dreaded botched replay, costing you sales, time, or authority?

Zoom is a pretty straight-forward software we pretty much all know how to use... for live calls.

Where it gets tricky is understanding how to set up your Zoom for success when the recording (replay) REALLY matters.

Without forgetting to enable the chat (oops, been there!), properly handle the waiting room, managing who can unmute (and when!), or correctly enabling much-needed accessibility features.

 But with an efficient and effective process for scheduling your important Zoom live events,  you can create high-quality recordings easily

Replay Ready Recordings will show you exactly how to improve your Zoom recordings and set your live events up for success (read: easy to watch live OR as the replay)

What is Replay Ready Recordings?

This short yet punchy resource will reveal all my secrets for creating perfectly professional Zoom events and recordings. Whether you host webinars, Q&A sessions, or live workshops, this training will change your Zoom game!

And the best part is, improving your recordings and the live experience will result in ️ more attendee interaction, ️ a more professional image, and ️ less time spent editing/tweaking the Zoom recording after.

What you'll learn:

The complete Zoom guide for using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars & how to improve them

How to set up your Zoom events for success, including 3 checklists - before the live, during the live, and after the live

A done-for-you Zoom event and recording SOP that you can hand off to your VA or team member

BONUS: How to improve show-up rates for live events with simple & easy strategies 


These are just a few problems that will go *poof* after buying Replay Ready Recordings 

Struggling with technical aspects of recording using Zoom, leading to low-quality recordings or technical glitches

Poorly recorded sessions that can create a negative impression among viewers and attendees

Limited time to devote to recording sessions, and the need for an efficient and effective process to ensure high-quality recordings

Difficulty engaging and managing virtual audiences during live sessions

Inability to troubleshoot technical issues during recording sessions, leading to low-quality recordings.


trust me:
once you watch this training, you'll never look at Zoom the same again!

Get Ready to Nail Recording Your Webinars and Workshops with Replay Ready Recordings!

What's included with Replay Ready Recordings for only $9:

Easy-to-follow video training on how to use Zoom to finally master recording your live events

Simple time-saving hacks to set up your Zoom Meetings & Webinars (and how to know which to use for your event)

3 master checklists - 1 for before the live, 1 during the live event, and 1 for after the event is over

A done-for-you SOP (standard operating procedure, aka step-by-step instructions) that you can hand off to your VA to make 100% sure all of your future recordings are replay ready

Your questions, answered


  • Who can benefit from using Replay Ready Recordings?
    Anyone using Zoom to host live events, including webinars, Q&A sessions, and workshops, regardless of if you're sending out a replay or not, but ESPECIALLY if you need a replay to send your audience.

    If you've ever been hosting a live event on Zoom and had a technical glitch (like not having chat enabled, oops!) or abandoning people in the waiting room... this was designed for you!

    **** MONEY SAVING TIP ****
    If you're hosting a live webinar, you could pay $79 to add Zoom Webinar to your account for a month... but with Replay Ready Recordings, I'll show you how to host a webinar without having to upgrade, using the features you already have access to with your Pro Zoom account. If you host just 1 webinar, you'll save yourself that $79 :)
  • Is this a course, a template, or a training?
    A training... with benefits (step-by-step instructions and checklists that just might save your bacon!)

    This is a collection of four short (4-17 minute) videos that will cover everything you need to know to configure your Zoom settings to create high-quality recordings that are Replay Ready!
  • What is the included SOP?
    The done-for-you SOP is a standard operating procedure document (aka a set of step-by-step instructions) that outlines the process of setting up a Zoom meeting or webinar properly. This SOP can easily be handed off to a VA or team member so you know that all future live events are set up properly, and you can just show up & deliver to your attendees live! It's built in Notion (but you don't need a Notion account!) and is a set of steps and screenshots.
  • Is this training accessible?
    Yes, the training is available with subtitles and speed controls. We've also added timestamps where applicable to help you navigate to exactly the part of the training you're interested in.


Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Recordings with Zoom & Live Tech Issues

Deliver + record professional webinars, Q&A's, & workshops effortlessly with Replay Ready Recordings!


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NOTE: This offer is not a comprehensive guide to using Zoom - its strictly about recording live meetings on Zoom without having to pay for the Zoom webinar upgrade