Wanna make your customers fall in love with you and your amazing offers?
Give them a high-impact, implementation-inspiring tool that you can whip up in a single afternoon 

Learn how to create an actionable spreadsheet to help your audience easily see their results, track their wins, or clearly see their potential


 This ~60-min training will show you how to easily create sharable spreadsheets in Google Sheets that you can sell as digital products, use as list-growing freebies, or include in your bigger offers as an epic bonus

Help your customers see more results in less time by providing an epic tool that will take them on a direct train to implementation city


Not sure what to create? Here are some juicy juicy ideas for you:






….are you getting excited yet?

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover in Spot-On Spreadsheets:
Leverage The Full Potential of Google Sheets

I’ll walk you through the different types of spreadsheets you can add to your product suite and highlight the best uses of each.

Getting Started the Right Way

We’ve all seen a boring, ugly DIY spreadsheet that doesn’t give us useful information. To create a tool that blows your customers’ minds, create and design your spreadsheet idea in THIS order.

The Three Formulas You Need To Know

To make Spot-On Spreadsheets for any offer, start by mastering these three formulas. Nope, no super complex formulas, just 3 bangers you'll be glad to have in your arsenal

Make Your Spreadsheet Beautiful

This is me you’re talking to, so we’re definitely going to pause and talk about professional, polished, on-brand presentation.

Show Off and Share Your Spreadsheet

Create beautiful mockups to use on sales pages and social media graphics, and leave your followers saying “show me more of that spreadsheet!!”

But that’s not all…

I’ll teach you innovative ways to use this training so that you can re-purpose it to make more money and make your courses MORE valuable to your customers:

 Create low-ticket offers that fly off the digital shelves

 Add a high value bonus to your bigger courses & programs

 Design freebies that actually impact your customers’ lives and make them fall in love with your work!

Spot-On Spreadsheets is designed to help you TAKE ACTION immediately!

Easy to follow video training on how to structure your spreadsheet to make it irresistibly actionable and beautiful

Simple time saving hacks to make a plan old Google Sheet like it was made by a designer

Tips on how to share your new spreadsheet with static and animated mockups, so you can show your audience want they’re missing out on

Private podcast feed so you can listen on the go

Subtitles and timestamps so you can refer to what you need when you need it

Purchase Spot-On Spreadsheets now, and take action on your first epic spreadsheet idea right away 
Spot-On Spreadsheets is perfect for you if any of the following apply:

You’re a course creator, digital marketer, or group program leader who wants to help their customers achieve more results in less time by helping them actually take action on what they’ve learned

You sell ANYTHING online that would benefit from the addition of a tracker, a budget-creator, or a way to generate numbers, generate text, or make sense of numbers

You really want to support your customers (and yourself) with handling the math involved in their goal – in the most efficient, organized way possible!

You want to help the fence-sitters decide for sure for sure that your product will help them accomplish what you’ve promised to help with

About your Spreadsheet BFF
Hiiii, I’m Dama!

In another life, I was an accountant so spreadsheets were my first (work-related) love language

Today, I specialize in teaching digital marketers the tools they need to know to create (and sell!) digital products their customers will RAVE about.

And one of the not-so-secrets to my success has been SPREADSHEETS.

Thanks to my background, I automatically included spreadsheets in my business – on the backend, AND in the products I created for my students.

In fact, my first quality digital product was a Google Sheet that made me over $4600.

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of my customers + biz besties struggle to find ways to help their customers focus on what really matters, take action that’s gonna move the needle, and get more results in less time.

And truuuuust me, adding another 4 hour block of office hours to your schedule will make you resent your digital products so fast.

So let’s design a value add-on that’s going to make your customers path so much clearer it’ll blow their minds.

You might be wondering…


  • What tech do I need to create Spot-On Spreadsheets of my own?
    You need Google Sheets- it’s totally free to use! And, if you follow my instructions, that’s all your customers are going to need in order to take advantage of your epic spreadsheet
  • I hate numbers and math. Should I skip this?
    The beauty of spreadsheets is that you just create the formulas once, and then your Spot-On Spreadsheet takes care of the numbers FOR you. Don’t worry, I walk you through three basic formulas - and how to get more formula help, if you need it.

    Plus spreadsheets aren’t just for numbers - you can use them for habit trackers, goal setting, words/captions, leads trackers and more. Basically, you don’t need to use them for numbers ;)

    One thing you WILL need for this is critical thinking - you need to know what you want to help your students visualize, calculate, or track. You know your offers and desired outcomes better than anyone else so start thinking now of what you might want to create.
  • Is this an advanced Google Sheets/Excel training?
    No - I'm not here to teach you what a spreadsheet is or how to write advanced formulas. We're sticking to the 3 most-used formulas and really focusing on creating an actionable digital product, freebie, or course bonus, not a master internal spreadsheet.

    While I'm here, let me also clarify what I will not be teaching:
    - pivot tables
    - advanced formulas (we're covering exactly 3)
    - vloolup, xlookup, or index match (but kudos if you know what they are)
    - anything/everything relating to how to get started selling digital products

    I'm just a girl who wants to show you how to create spreadsheets as epic digital products, k?
  • How can I get extra help if I need it?
    I have spent hours reverse-engineering this training so that you’ll be ready to dive in as soon as you've watched the training.* If you want to chat further and get advice that’s specific to your business, you can book a (paid) strategy session with me. I don’t think you’ll need it, but I do love chatting with you!

    * Wonder how I know -for sure- that this is actionable and doable for you? Because I created a training just like this for creating fillable workbooks with Google Docs. That training is still, to this day, my most popular and well-loved training EVER - with thousands of students enrolled and people buying every. single. day. If you don't have it, don't miss the checkbox at checkout to add it to your order!
  • How long is this gonna take?
    You can absolutely watch the training this afternoon and create your spreadsheet in a single afternoon. In fact, I dare you ;)
  • I have another question…
    Just send an email to hello @ damajue . com and I’ll be happy to help!


Whether you’re creating your first digital product or looking to help your customers actually take action, Spot-On Spreadsheets will be your new BFF to make your customers go bananas for your products.

Even if you HATE numbers.

An hour from now, you’ll be sitting at your laptop building the dreamy spreadsheet your customers didn’t know they needed. 

 Are you ready to create your customers’ next obsession?


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