Learn exactly how to set your membership up for success in Thrivecart
(+ save your inbox from a deluge of customer service requests)

Want to create a membership but nervous about having to deal with constant customer service requests?
Not sure how to set up your membership in a strategic, intentional way that lets you easily sell, deliver and manage your membership with minimal fuss or customer service requests?
Let me show you how to design your membership so it can thrive using Thrivecart. Your members will love it and it will be wayyyyy easier to manage!

A few simple tweaks to the structure of your membership can lead to paying customers happily staying with you for longer, dramatically decrease the number of customer service emails + DMs you get, AND save you from having to market like a fiend to keep up with churn
How epic would it be if you could effortlessly host and manage a thriving membership in Thrivecart, where your members are not only satisfied but absolutely in love with the experience, without having to shell out extra cash for a membership-specific platform or risk having a customer-service induced meltdown?
Not only is your content bangin’, but everything inside the membership just works:

Your members + students know exactly where to find call replays, resources, and how to access their monthly content

They know exactly where to go to get help, and nope, we don’t mean they just randomly pop a question in the community

If they ever want to cancel, they know exactly how to do it with minimal fuss (but you’re still protected from the dreaded, “I cancelled but lost access before my time was up!”)

All that adds up to way less customer service requests to you, or… let’s just be honest: random DMs or emails with “where do I…” questions popping into your inbox at all hours of the night
Because TBH I’d rather be making more sales of my products than answering the same Qs over + over (especially when you can finesse Thrivecart to handle this for you)

After implementing what you’ll learn in this training, you’ll be able to confidently design (or improve!) your membership, knowing exactly how to navigate through Thrivecart's features to deliver an exceptional, can’t-miss experience for your members.

With a successful membership and streamlined experience, you'll build a loyal community of members eager to engage with your content and support your mission, and with a well-designed membership, you’ll cut down on customer service requests too.
But isn’t Thrivecart just for taking payment and hosting basic courses? Isn’t a membership way more complex than that?!


You CAN host your membership in Thrivecart and transform it into a seamless experience for your members, without having to pay a penny extra for additional tech.

Join me for Thriving Memberships, a tech strategy training all about how to craft a well-designed membership in Thrivecart, and let me guide you step by step on how to set up a successful membership in Thrivecart that your members will love.

I will show you all the tips and tricks to make it easy to deliver your content, creative ways to market + sell it (hi, let’s talk about free/paid trials too!), plus how to manage your members, equipping them with everything they need to stay happy and engaged. 


I'm Dama, a Thrivecart Expert, and if you're wondering why I created Thriving Memberships...


I know how much time and energy we invest in creating amazing digital products and courses. But what I noticed was that many of you were getting bogged down with constant customer service requests wishing you knew how to optimise your members’ user experience.

Thankfully, I specialize in details ;)

That's when the idea for Thriving Memberships was born.

I wanted to create a resource to help you set up a successful membership in Thrivecart, one that your members would love. I wanted to make it easy for you to manage your membership so that you could focus on what you do best - creating amazing content and serving your members.

Because I’ll be honest: there are a lot of extra pieces and things to think about when delivering a membership in Thrivecart vs a course!

But I’ll break it down for you!

Learn exactly how to set your membership up for success in Thrivecart (+ save your inbox from a deluge of customer service requests)

Thriving Memberships is a comprehensive workshop designed to help you create a successful and easy-to-manage membership in Thrivecart for your members, with insider tips and tricks to seamlessly set up, sell, deliver, and manage your membership program with Thrivecart.

Join now for $197
TRAINING FORMAT: Tech Strategy Workshop Replay with Subtitles and Timestamps

Not to brag but…

Everyone tells me my Thrivecart trainings and tutorials blow their mind… and this training will be no different.

“I made the switch to Thrivecart so it would auto-pay my affiliates for me. Dama helped me understand how to set that up and what to do when something inevitably goes wrong

She saved me time and a headache and moving 500+ affiliates was simpler with her guidance.”


"Dama is amazing with Thrivecart and with her help, I feel confident using Thrivecart for my products, including my affiliate program! I was so scared that I had my affiliate program set up wrong, and I did Dama showed me how to get all the affiliates set up correctly and how to avoid all the hidden emails ThriveCart sends affiliates. I mean, how else would I figure that out???



Thriving Memberships is for you if:

you already have a membership and use Thrivecart to host your digital products & courses 

you are creating a membership and plan to host it on Thrivecart but you need tech help (zero judgment here, just straight-shootin’ ‘easier than I thought’ advice) 

you are committed to providing the best customer experience for your students

And after Thriving Memberships, you’ll be able to:

Streamline your membership setup process on Thrivecart, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing courses and products

Enhance your member experience by providing a user-friendly membership platform on Thrivecart, making it easy for members to access content and resources

Monetize your membership effectively by optimizing pricing, upsells, and member benefits on Thrivecart (hello, bonus cash for you + more value for your members)

Increase member engagement and retention by implementing effective strategies and features within your Thrivecart membership, with zero tech sweats

With Thriving Memberships, you’ll learn exactly how to set your membership up for success in Thrivecart (+ save your inbox and team from a deluge of customer service requests).

I’m Dropping All The Tech Secrets to Running Your Membership on Thrivecart
TRAINING FORMAT: Tech Strategy Workshop Replay with Subtitles and Timestamps
 ARE YOU READY TO create your MEMBERSHIP program in Thrivecart + THRIVECART LEARN? 

TRAINING FORMAT: Tech Strategy Workshop Replay with Subtitles and Timestamps


Join now for $197

Tech strategy training all about hosting a membership in Thrivecart, with ideas for...

how to structure your content delivery

how to add a free or paid trial (while still protecting your content!)

how to leveral upsells + bumps lesson design tips to cut down on customer service requests

how to handle cancellations, pausing, and upgrading members to annual

BONUS: Metrics dashboard for Google Sheets (basic)

BONUS: Airtable hub for tracking your members, what they have access to, their membership type, and JUICY stats (advanced)

BONUS: Tutorial on how to properly set up your customer hub, upcoming payment, and failed payment notifications in Stripe



 We provide AI-generated subtitles for all our videos for accessibility and offer speed control too. Please let us know if there are additional features that would help make the workshop content more accessible to you
After the workshop, we'll break the live training up into more bite-size videos — you'll get all future updates to this program
The workshop replay will be available as a private podcast soon so you can listen on the go

Fire away…

Do you need Learn+?
No, but having Learn+ (a $195 one-time fee) will unlock so many more capabilities for delivering your content, so I strongly recommend it. Don't have it yet? 

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  • What exactly is Thriving Memberships?
    Thriving Memberships is a tech strategy training to help you successfully set up and manage a membership using Thrivecart. There are a lot of extra things to consider when using Thrivecart for your membership, and I’m covering it all for you, like how to manage + support your members, deliver timely ‘we’re about to bill you!’ updates, handle cancellations, set up strategic free OR paid trials, and so much more!
  • Will Thriving Memberships teach me how to create a membership program that my members will truly love?
    Yes! The training shows you how to set up a successful membership in Thrivecart using their tools and functions. It doesn’t go into the foundational pieces of creating a membership (like pricing, content, launching, etc).
  • Can I access the training materials and resources at my own pace?
    Yes, you’ll have lifetime (lifetime of the course, not my or your lifetime) access to the training and any future updates.
  • How techy is this?
    I know this software inside + out and I share my favorite tips + tricks to make the tech easier than you thought. So you don’t have to be tech-savvy, but if you are new to Thrivecart, I do recommend also grabbing my intro-to-Thrivecart course called CartStart so you know your way around Thrivecart.
  • Can Thriving Memberships help me with the user experience of my content?
    Yes! I cover all of the tech and tools you’ll need inside Thrivecart to effectively manage your membership, so your members can easily navigate their way around.
  • Is Thriving Memberships suitable for both new and existing memberships?
    Yes! Whether you have a membership already hosted elsewhere that you want to move to Thrivecart OR you plan to create one, this training will help you.
Let me show you how to design your membership so it can thrive using Thrivecart.


and get everything you need to save time with managing your membership and create a better member experience!

Don't have thrivecart pro yet?

Get this workshop FREE (plus with all my other amazing other bonuses if you grab Thrivecart Pro with my affiliate link. 

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  • 60 minute training with strategy, step-by-step training on what to offer, how to price it, how to sell it, and how to deliver it, with examples.
  • Tech tutorials on how to set up your email marketing software, checkout page on Thrivecart, and enable timers
  • BONUSES:  tripwire sales page template  + Canva mockups

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